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Matthew Bergmann-Smith, CEO, EmpactisMatthew Bergmann-Smith, CEO Every day, HR and boardroom executives battle with the challenges of retaining and recruiting talent, maximising productivity, and managing risk. These aspects are imperative for a business’ growth, yet it’s very surprising how few organisations recognise that the underlying health of their workforce can be the single most important factor in determining their success or failure in each of these pursuits.

A recent report by the British Safety Council (BSC) cites that improving employee wellbeing can be imperative in supplementing the productivity of workers. The report further highlighted that employee health should be on the top of the executive agenda of every company as deteriorating health conditions and absenteeism can highly impact the bottomline of any business.

The Director of Employee Health at Empactis, Dr. Steve Boorman, states that a large percentage of the UK working population have long-term medical conditions such as diabetes, hypertension, arthritis or lung conditions. True to his words, a recent survey from the World Obesity Federation says that more than two-thirds of the UK’s population will be overweight by 2025. Anyone suffering from obesity is more likely to have cardiovascular disease or diabetes. Add to this the increasing incidences of mental health issues, sleep-related problems, and smoking issues; the ubiquitous problems of the HR team become crystal clear. “£7 out of every £10 spent on healthcare in the UK is used in treating such conditions and the number of individuals with three or more conditions increased from 1.9 million in 2008 to 2.9 million in 2018; with more than 15 million people having at least one such condition. This costs the UK economy, overall, a sum of money equivalent to funding a second NHS, with mental ill health alone estimated to cost between £74 billion and £99 billion. 1.8 million UK workers have four weeks or more sickness absence per year, and of these, one in ten may risk being unable to ever work again,” adds Boorman.

"Through consolidating all the key metrics, we help our clients to gain a unique insight into the health and engagement of their workforce"

Luckily, modern employers are becoming increasingly aware of the adverse effects of employee ill health and many are now proactively looking to implement policies and tools specifically aimed at improving employee health. Many have also recognised that these tools must support their line managers with their duty of care to their employees. Empactis provides a state of the art Microsoft Azure cloud-based Employee Health Platform as-a-Service (PaaS) that helps its clients to manage the risks and costs associated with employee absence, health, and engagement.

Matthew Bergmann-Smith, CEO of Empactis, describes the platform as “the employee health operating system for business.

The Empactis’ platform includes a range of modules and organisations can manage instances of employee absence, manager-staff engagement, employee relations cases and all aspects of an employee’s fitness for work status

There are a lot of modern HR systems or software tools that focus on payroll, recruitment, and talent management but none of them have been designed from the ground up to manage health, absence and engagement in a truly joined-up way.”

The Empactis solution includes modules to manage planned and unplanned absence, manager and employee engagement, employee relations cases and all aspects of an employee’s health, including statutory health checks, occupational health cases and the capability to manage third-party service providers. This seamless capability is vital for employers to ensure that employees are not just healthy but also physically fit to work. “The availability of real-time health data, manager and employee policy engagement scores, health insights are the game changer for our clients, as they now have unique insights and data they have never seen before,” says Matthew Bergmann- Smith, CEO of Empactis. “For many years, companies focused on employee safety but Empactis is committed to helping employers put the ‘HEALTH’ back into health and safety.”

An Overview of the Solution

At the highest level, there are many demographic, legal and political pressures facing employers in relation to managing their workforce. These are in addition to the complex risks and costs associated with managing the health of their employees. Empactis provides a comprehensive platform to meet these needs on behalf of its clients ranging from SMEs to global enterprises. Powered by the latest cloud technology with built-in security and resilience; the platform is ultra-scalable. One of the key advantages of having the platform is that clients can easily deploy and configure it according to their unique business requirements.

A key component of the platform—Absence Manager ensures that employers, through their line managers, continually engage with their personnel during absenteeism to unfold cases that require medical attention or HR intervention. With real-time data analytics, the solution mitigates the complexities, risks and ambiguity typically associated with managing unplanned absences. Each module guides managers and employees through key processes and steps. This guidance is crucial for any form of case management to be successful.

Empactis’ HR Case Manager module guides managers, HR and third parties through all case types; thereby minimising the costs and complexities that are often associated with such cases. Management also get a comprehensive view of all HR case types in the organisation. Using this they can easily check the status of all cases.
The Empactis Health Manager module provides comprehensive case management and medical histories of employees to provide medical support when needed and to confirm compliance with all statutory health checks and to ensure employees are fit to work, especially when the employee works in a high-risk role.

The platform consolidates data across the modules with Empactis Insight. This enables employers to see all aspects of absence, health, and management in real-time. The ‘glue’ at the centre of the platform is Empactis Org Manager which is an exemplary tool that enables employers to manage all the complexities around hierarchy, group and structure.

The Quintessential Approach

Before onboarding its solutions, the Empactis team takes time to fully understand the problems their clients are experiencing on a day-to-day basis with their current processes. Empactis reviews the current policies and processes in place for supporting health management and ensuring that employees are fit for work.

Most organisations are shocked when they realise just how little they truly know about their employees’ health. Key questions for business leaders are, “What risks do you have in relation to health now, midterm and long term? Where are the hidden costs? Where are your profit leaks?” Empactis tries to understand each client’s vision for developing a healthier, higher performing workforce whilst also delivering a better employee experience along the journey.

“We provide organisations with the health functionality that is missing from their key business systems. This not only helps them to obtain a quick return on their investment (ROI) but, more importantly, it also improves the long-term health and productivity of their workforce,” says Smith. He cites two examples to substantiate the case. A major utilities provider has recently adopted our whole platform, integrated with SAP so that they now have real-time management information about the health and wellbeing of their entire workforce that they have never seen before. Immediate gains include centralised HR case management, real-time absence data and a platform supporting managers and absent employees.

In addition, through collaborating with the National Health Service (NHS) of England, the publicly funded national healthcare system, Empactis is aiding NHS Hospitals to adopt employee health management as a vital part of their organisational tools, culture, and management practice. The NHS Improvement body (NHSI) has developed an employee health and well-being framework to support all NHS Hospitals; the Empactis platform can provide the tools required to help deliver the framework. Additionally, the firm has worked with several large and small private organisations along with many household brands. “We are very proud of our customer portfolio and have worked hard to help our clients integrate our solution into their business. It is amazing to think we are integrated with systems like SAP, Oracle, Workday and many others,” adds Smith. Forging ahead, Empactis intends to leverage the latest technologies, such as artificial intelligence (AI) to automate and improve the features of its platforms. Empactis is also working toward helping small businesses manage their staff’s health. The company further aims to be international and enter the US market by the end of next year, expanding its global footprint.
- Nikhil Menon
    April 05, 2019