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“For business models to be successful, an efficient and cost-effective workforce management strategy is essential at every organisational level,” begins Matt Jenkins, Chief Executive Officer at Mitrefinch. “And we facilitate that with our complete suite of Workforce Management Solutions, enabling organisations to improve their business productivity.”

Established in 1979, Mitrefinch is focused on helping organisations effectively manage time, efficiency, productivity and costs, delivering real-world results for customers using its comprehensive solutions that include time and attendance software, a payroll solution, and HR management software. Having spent over 40 years developing their solutions, Mitrefinch has established a customer base of over 7500 organisations worldwide and has offices in the UK, Canada, Australia, America, and Ireland. With some of the most customisable solutions in the market, their integrated time and attendance, HR and payroll solution delivers the single most accurate view of an employee, from the moment they start work.

Mitrefinch’s flagship time and attendance software is ‘so reliable you can set your watch by it’. It is designed to help organisations achieve better operational control and day-to-day management of their workforce by helping maximise the available data, improve labour costing, and the overall visibility of the workforce. The near limitless insight and reporting capabilities are invaluable to everyone from operational managers through to HR and payroll teams–workforce data doesn’t get more reliable.

Time and attendance software is also essential for those in charge of scheduling and shift patterns as they’re easily able to see who is available to work on any given day. They can also set rules around how many employees can be absent on any given day, making it simpler for employees to know what days they can request leave on.

Mitrefinch’s integrated HCM solutions are designed to help organisations revolutionise the way they manage time, efficiency, productivity and costs

The software can scale up as the organisation grows and can be used across multiple sites. It can even be employed by remote workers to allow them to clock in and out wherever they are working that day. Organisations like Vargo, Nestlé, Heiser Automotive Group, Kentucky Chrome Works, and Ericco Tool & Manufacturing use Mitrefinch’s time and attendance software to get the most out of their workforce.

Another highlight of Mitrefinch’s portfolio is its fast, accurate and compliant Flexipay payroll software, which assists companies in accurately calculating payslips in real time. This is incredibly useful for finance departments as it allows them to seamlessly and automatically process employees’ payments, reducing errors and making it easy to carry out additions and deductions in the payslip.

Mitrefinch’s integrated HCM solutions are designed to help organisations revolutionise the way they manage time, efficiency, productivity and costs.

With over four decades of experience in the workforce management landscape, Mitrefinch continues to focus on improving its solutions portfolio and delivering the best Workforce Management Solutions to new and existing customers.

Mitrefinch News

Mitrefinch launches Nottingham Office

Mitrefinch, the software specialist, has launched a new office in Nottingham. The news comes alongside significant growth for Mitrefinch and provides the opportunity to tap into fresh talent to help evolve their HR software development offering.

Ken Pullar, CEO of the CIPP, joined Mitrefinch for the launch of the office to cut the ceremonial ribbon. He spoke at the ceremony, sharing his vision for the payroll industry and its potential future.

Matthew Jenkins, CEO of Mitrefinch said: “With over 4000 customers globally, we are fully committed to delivering solutions that make a significant impact in the workplace, delivering value and driving operational efficiency.

“The UK remains integral to our growth plans with investment in product development and customer services. The UK continues to be at the core of our international expansion. Our second office in Nottingham will allow to bring exceptional talent into our business.”

The space was designed and project managed by Mitrefinch’s Jess Baxter and was specifically designed with employees in mind with innovation at the centre.

The office was developed to bring an environment that encourages teams to be creative, work collaboratively and inspire innovation. With the addition of beach huts as meeting rooms and ping pong tables, the space takes a fresh look on how to improve employee experience. Throughout the project, the staff at Mitrefinch’s ideas directed the creative process.

The vision for the Nottingham office was to support local businesses and give back into the community they are joining. One of their local partnerships include Radiant Cleaners, a cleaning company that give opportunities to people many of whom face significant barriers to employment including people with a history of homelessness and those who have recently left prison. Radiant Cleaners aim to eradicate poverty and unemployment in Nottingham, and Mitrefinch are proud to be partnered with them.

Matthew Jenkins continued: “The opening of the new Nottingham office is a real milestone in our company’s history. Mitrefinch has ambitious growth plans. We have only scratched the surface of what we can achieve in the payroll and HR industry. The developers done a remarkable job and we’re proud to be launching an innovative and creative space.” Read More