Solvus: A true partner for Total Talent Management

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Kristof Seyns, Director, SolvusKristof Seyns, Director
HR solution providers are the need of the hour; these firms act as a catalyst to accelerate the process of generating flexible employment support, consultancy packages or business support functions on an ad-hoc basis. HR service providers address the challenges in an organisation to deliver desirable outcomes by helping clients find the right talent as per their requirement. Solvus is one such company based in Antwerp, Belgium, that provides total talent management (TTM) solutions. Their scalable and modular approach integrates existing solutions in talent acquisition, contingent workforce management and employee development and takes talent management to a whole new level. Solvus introduces TTM to the local decision-makers in the Belgian market to ensure that clients are on the right track. As a TTM provider, Solvus utilises information and communication technology helping them navigate the challanges that follow the integration of their talent management and ensuring their clients’ talentpool becomes sustainable and future proof.

Solvus’s strong knowledge of the of the local talent market and labor laws, enables the firm to provide clients with a tailored and compliant approach to the full local labour market. Along with a network of like-minded companies, Solvus provides strong and effective local approach globally, resulting in a “glocal’ approach. The firm has always focused on structure, processes, and expertise while keeping the clients’ sustainable profitability as the primary goal. Their flexible and modular solutions, allow partner organizations to choose a full TTM program or just part of it—be it sourcing, hiring, onboarding and development, mobility, or outplacement.
The firm is one of the leaders in contingent workforce management, talent acquisition, career mobility, and performance and development management. Over the years, Solvus has served the banking sector, insurance industry, public and government sectors, and pharmaceutical industry diligently.

The firm describes itself as independent from specific technology, always ready to work with the best and latest software to suit their clients’ needs. Ever since its inception in 2014, Solvus has served clients like Financial Services and Markets Authority (FSMA), VRT, Lineas, and the Flemish Government. GlaxoSmithKline (GSK), based in Wavre, Belgium, is a pharmaceutical company that relied on Solvus to run a recruitment process outsourcing (RPO) through which GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) placed over a thousand employees. Based on the client’s needs, Solvus created a specialised solution for their internships, with a tailored website that is inclusive of a new internal process that enables managers to request and manage interns, the solution helped them to place over 500 interns so far.

Solvus was nominated for HR Excellence Awards 2018 in the categories of—best staffing, sourcing, contingent workforce company; as well as best career transition and outplacement company. Solvus was also one of the finalists in the Supply Chain Awards for best achievement in continuous supply chain improvement in 2018. Solvus is currently geared towards further expanding and creating awareness around its TTM solutions in the Belgian market. Solvus develops solutions for digitalisation and new techniques to improve the experience of finding the right candidate for its clients. The firm not only offers services to enhance and support internal mobility but also helps to transfer to new HRM Software. Kristof Seyns, Director, Solvus, says, “Our total talent management approach is designed to help clients with all their potential talent requirements. We help clients plan their needed competencies and help them decide how to find employees and manage them cost-effectively.”