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Top 10 Workforce Management Solution Companies in Europe - 2021

The modern business world is all about relentless innovation through digitalization. Any organization looking to lead the market in its line of business has to ensure that they have the buy-in from its workforce to embrace change and stay attuned to organizational vision and mission. This is where the role of the human resources function comes into play.

Workforce management post-COVID-19 heavily involves employee wellbeing, change management, employer branding, and employee retention. The HR decision-makers not only have to optimize workforce availability but also need to ensure the organization is developing new leaders and is giving enough opportunities for individuals to show their excellence and climb up the ladder in their career. HR professionals will be required to work closely with the organizational leadership to take strategic measures to improve workforce planning and execution.

Amid the evolving socio-economic changes caused due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the HCM professionals will be required to coordinate and lead people to be flexible and adaptable. They also need to understand the definition and context of professional development on an individual basis and identify ways to drive engagement.

Against this backdrop, HR Tech Outlook Europe brings you the list of prominent companies that offer intuitive workforce management solutions. The companies listed in this edition enable HR professionals to listen, understand, and counsel a workforce comprising people from diverse backgrounds. The solutions offered by these companies allow the decision-makers to reduce the friction between teams and individuals and provide an automated way to drive self-improvement among each individual in the workforce.

We bring you HR Tech Outlook Europe’s “Top 10 Workforce Management Solution Providers – 2021.”

    Top Workforce Management Solution Companies in Europe

  • EQIP—a gateway to seamless workforce engine and full cycle vendor management system (VMS) tailored to fit every business. Eqip offers a consolidated platform to help organisation in external workforce management: full cycle vendor management system (VMS) and digital managed service provider (MSP) that digitalises and automates all procurement, sourcing management process, and invoicing. The company can pinpoint the exact workforce challenges of the organisation and solve them with the right SaaS solution. Specifically, Eqip’s SaaS VDP platform is designed to help organisations in providing solution for entire external workforce management. The platform itself is made of three components—Marketplace, VMS and Workforce management. By using these components, clients can easily map out their manual processes, optimise them, and turn them into automate process designed to bring together IT, people, and vendors for efficient workforce operation

  • As one of the leading digital workforce management systems providers worldwide, the ISGUS Group perfectly pairs hardware and software components to complement each other and deliver a comprehensive digital work management system. The company's ZEUS Workforce Management provides constant assistance and reassurance, enabling users to achieve increased efficiency and cost reduction by automating routine tasks and standard processes. Furthermore, ZEUS Work Management provides maximum flexibility to be well prepared for every challenge in the digital world of work in the future

  • People-Analytix is an award-winning company that hails from Zürich, Switzerland. Driven by their philosophy to assist an organisation to explore, understand and develop its workforce, People-Analytix introduces an online platform that uses a unique database, artificial intelligence and analytical forecasting for skill shift management. It is a challenge for workforces to stay up-to-date with the new skills. Interestingly, this product focuses on identifying and suggesting suitable learning opportunities for required skill shift. With the help of technology like artificial intelligence, large amount of data are collected and evaluated to offer a better understanding of the resources available for the organisations and employees are provided with valuable insights that guides them to new career opportunities.

  • ProFinda is a pioneering Total Workforce Optimization platform, that intelligently organizes people and work. The ProFinda platform enables organizations to make intelligent data driven decisions on matching the right people to work and connecting employees around knowledge. Deploying ProFinda enables organisations to drive better work productivity, employee utilisation and engagement

  • Realday is a workforce management platform specialising in scheduling, deployment and retention of staff. The platform has been designed to provide companies the tools needed to manage their workforce more effectively, whilst complementing their current technology stack. Through their client portal, candidate app and agency portal, Realday transforms how temporary recruitment agencies engage, retain, and manage their candidates and clients, with a seamless, technology-led experience. The platform enables recruiters to automate shift scheduling, and assign and deploy within seconds while creating a seamless and improved experience for everyone with a mobile-first approach

  • S&A is one of the Europe's leading experts in workforce management solutions. S&A is an advisory consulting and systems implementation firm with over 20 years of track record in executing enterprise software and system integration projects on a global scale. The company contributes to the enhancement of workforce strategies, technology, and analytics to boost sales, decrease expenses, and improve the entire customer experience, all while increasing employee engagement and satisfaction. S&A's consulting team offers a comprehensive range of services across the entire project lifecycle—from requirements analysis to change management, configuration and user support, all the way through to post-project assessment and continuous improvement

  • Manus Software

    Manus Software

    ManusPlus provides solution for workforce planning and time management. The company believe in human resources optimization to make clients' operations as efficient and effective as possible, without compromises. ManusPlus is famous for integrating flexible and hybrid connectivity solutions into its clients’ diverse workforce management systems

  • Planday


    Planday fundamentally restructures the workplace with its real-time business and employee collaboration software that offers transparent shift planning, easy communication, streamlined HR processes, and online and mobile time clocking. Planday also supports managers with granular reporting and payroll integrations. Its employee scheduling and management platform is designed to save clients' time and money

  • Sage HR

    Sage HR

    Sage HR (formerly CakeHR) is an HR software company that streamlines human resource management for customers in over 1,200 cities worldwide. Sage HR improves how its clients engage, retain and get the very best out of their people. Easily manage all HR processes in one place, from anywhere, with instant access to schedules, payslips and more

  • Solvus


    Solvus is a Belgian organization founded under the RGF Staffing Belgium in 2013 and has been part of the international Recruit Holdings since 2016. After years of market leadership in HR services and the delivery of solutions such as Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO), Managed Service Provider (MSP), in- and outplacement, assessments and development centers, Solvus is now the pioneer in the Belgian market for Total Talent Management Solutions