BeeBole: Treasuring Time through Modularity

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Yves Hiernaux, Co-Founder & CEO, BeeBoleYves Hiernaux, Co-Founder & CEO
Modularity is one of the many crucial aspects of enterprise applications that are aimed at optimizing the budget and resources of organizations. For BeeBole, a company specializing in business intelligence apps, the need of a modular timesheet system that offers simplicity and flexibility, emerged as a spin-off from their previous endeavor involving the development of an intranet for Human Resource (HR) organizations across the globe. Since then, BeeBole has been pioneering in timesheet management for companies, enabling organizations to integrate billing and business management software with employee time tracking and to generate reports to analyze employee performance and organizational objectives.

“We address the needs of small, medium and large companies by designing our tool with flexible modules, which allow organizations to selectively configure and customize employee time tracking data to their needs,” says Yves Hiernaux, co-founder & CEO of BeeBole. Since its inception in 2008, the BeeBole team has tailored its tool to offer state-of-the-art reporting capabilities, stream lining redundant processes and complex operations. BeeBole customers use these reports to make strategic decisions based on relevant data sets. For instance, one big BeeBole customer is creatively using its integration with Google Sheets to generate a “staff burn out opportunity report”, allowing HR and finance managers to visualize their resources and suitably allocate them to drive greater revenue while also dodging discrepancies in payroll.

The ingenuity of BeeBole’s solution lies in its permission capabilities. It streamlines timesheet approvals that enable project managers and administrators to review and approve timed entries in a workflow. Such an optimized approach to timesheet data for companies provides control over tasked reminders, workflow approvals, and management via different access levels, allowing decision makers to strategize budgets for projects and manage them in real time.

We address the needs of small, medium and large companies by designing our tool with flexible modules, which allow organizations to selectively configure and customize employee time tracking data to their needs

Additionally, BeeBole expands its capabilities through an API interface, which caters to a multitude of user requirements and necessities.

On the security side, BeeBole’s cloud technology implements a 256-bit encryption engine, bolstered by password hashing functionalities, daily backups, secured server locations, and audit trials. These measures not only boost performance of organizations but also provide the much-needed transparency in project planning and management. Owing to these capabilities, BeeBole has earned the Defense Contract Audit Agency (DCAA) recognition, paving the way for collaborations with US defense agencies and it has become GDPR compliant for organizations with presence in the EU.

BeeBole upholds the tagline, “your time is in safe, capable, and benevolent hands.” True to these words, the firm ensures that clients are supported 24/7 and assists them in fulfilling their organizational objectives in an agile and efficient manner. In a collaboration with a customer, a large marketing firm in the US, BeeBole demonstrated the agility of the development team to meet custom needs. The client had a diverse employee base, comprising freelancers and contractors that had to be paid in a timely manner. However, one major hindrance stalled the productivity for the client: The organization lacked adequate visibility into the invoices generated by these employees, and hence, gathering relevant information became a laborious task. Partnering with BeeBole, the marketing firm leveraged the timesheet function while also implementing a rewarding/bonus module in their framework. This invariably drove the employees to become much more productive in terms of managing their invoices such that the results spoke for themselves. The client was able to deliver invoices to their customers within a week after a job was completed, as opposed to the 90-day time period that was needed before the collaboration. Such results and commitment have cemented BeeBole’s credibility in the workforce management marketplace, showcasing the tool’s unique value proposition in a definitive manner.

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FREMONT, CA: A modular timesheet management system offering simplicity and flexibility is imperative for the smooth functioning of business processes. BeeBole has strived toward this goal, delivering productive time tracking tools for organizations to meet their needs. The company has integrated a custom module that can be dragged and dropped into any of the screens.
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