People-Analytix: The HR Impetus for Workforce Management

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Christoph Küffer, Co-Founder & CEO, People AnalytixChristoph Küffer, Co-Founder & CEO
The workforce of an organization is not only the impetus for revenue but also the source of innovation within the company. However, building a resourceful workforce is similar to assembling a football team. An organization needs to identify people with the right skills for the right position. Once the relevant talent is sourced, HR managers and leaders take over the role of coaches. They need to identify and develop the competencies of recruits that go beyond their job titles. Further on they designate tasks or responsibilities to essentially optimize the revenue streams of a company. Adhering to these prerequisites that are crucial for HR operations, People-Analytix has developed an online workforce management application. The platform identifies skills of workforces and helps companies hone them in accordance with an employee’s areas of interest and organizational objectives.

“It has become more difficult for companies to understand what generates revenue on a short and long-term basis, and most importantly, what the skill sets are needed to achieve strategic objectives,” begins Christoph Küffer, co-founder and CEO of People-Analytix. “Through our platform, we empower organizations with the bare essentials of workforce management,” he adds. Küffer’s words emphasize the much-needed mobility of HR operations, which assists decision makers in rapidly adapting to the changing market scenario.

The People-Analytix platform symbolizes an ecosystem built around the skill sets of employees. It enables organizations to optimize business strategies by bridging the gap between the workforce and the nature of their work. Built on a neural network, the People-Analytix platform lists more than 80,000 job titles, functions, and roles, 70’000 skills and 2’800 predefined job roles in different languages. For each skill and job, dynamic market data is available indicating market trends such as replaceability or demand. Employees as well as HR managers get and understand what is being asked in the future and where to focus the development.

Each employee’s profile summarizes ‘confirmed skills,’ level of expertise, interest, and motivation to improve. The platform takes into account the skills of individuals shortlisted for a particular job and details projects and job roles that precisely complement the profile of a candidate. Simultaneously, the People-Analytix platform lists relevant opportunities within the organization based on a standardized score for each employee skill. “Every employee can select the proposed internal and/or local market opportunities and learn about their concrete skill gaps and the scope for development,” adds Küffer.

For HR professionals, the People-Analytix tool serves as a ‘skill inventory’ within the organization. Human Resource departments can categorize their existing employee base and allow them to take up responsibilities and tasks that they are proficient at, regardless of their job titles.

The People- Analytix platform functions as a cockpit for HR managers and leaders to steer their workforces ahead in the right direction

Furthermore, they can check the availability and development needs of relevant skills (or employee capabilities) and designate appropriate tasks to their workforce through an intuitive dashboard that visualizes multiple employee traits and qualities.

People-Analytix connects corporate leaderships with the employee base by utilizing artificial intelligence and predictive analysis to streamline HR operations. It aligns an organization’s business strategy with a predefined set of job roles that take into account the necessary skills and capabilities of employees. These HR operations are then synchronized with a GAP analysis that analyzes the resumes of internal applicants, matching employee competencies with the organizational objectives such as current, internal and future roles, projects, and strategies etc. The People-Analytix platform then ties these processes by streamlining projects, career advisory, market trends, employee skill sets, roles and responsibilities of individuals. It enables HR professionals to develop a qualitative workforce management strategy while harboring business development roadmaps and corporate transformations.

The effectiveness of the People-Analytix platform can be described through the company’s story of inception, when the founders worked with four companies in defining core essentials for efficient workforce management. Upon deducing solutions for these companies, People-Analytix developed their first minimal viable product (MVP) in 2017, realizing the market demand for a comprehensive workforce management tool. People-Analytix and its platform grew hand-in-hand, observing a steady growth in the span of a year. On the other hand, organizationscollaboratingwithPeople-Analytixrealized the benefit of sourcing talents from within the company as they grew, effectively enhancing the internal mobility of their workforce. “Firms can publish their strategic roadmaps on our platform, allowing employees to match and visualize the evolution of their job roles. Our platform helps employees to take ownership of their career and to stand out with their skill sets, thereby increasing the transparency of HR operations within the organization,” concludes Küffer.

The People-Analytix platform functions as a cockpit for HR managers and leaders to steer their workforces ahead in the right direction, taking into account strategic roadmaps, changing job roles, and newer talent recruitment. In a nutshell, it not only streamlines HR operations but also empowers decision makers to align their objectives with the evolving workforce. One of its clients, Ambros Scope, Head of Future Workforce Engineering at AXA, had this to say about the company, “People-Analytix scales conventional career consulting by 1 Million: 1’000 times cheaper, 100 times faster and 10 times wider.”