Manus Software Europe: Invigorating Workforce Management and Time-Evaluation Strategies

Top 10 Workforce Management Solution Companies in Europe - 2020

Motivated and engaged employees are vital to the success of a business. However, some organizations find managing and overseeing a diverse workforce increasingly difficult as they lack cutting edge technology. A robust workforce management solution will help businesses and employees effectively, not only in the present but also in the upcoming days. To further hence these systems, organizations today are adopting innovative and advanced technologies.

To start with, one technology that sits at the core of modern workforce management systems is artificial intelligence. AI and automation together have great ability to help human resources platforms to become increasingly efficient by simplifying and speeding up administrative tasks that allows businesses to identify the value of keeping employee efforts on more productive tasks. With the adoption of AI and automation, critical workforce processes such as timekeeping, labour scheduling and leave management have become easier than ever.

Workforce management software enables enterprises to centralize resource usage data and better plan future utilization. It allows the companies to create custom workflows to be more efficient in their decision-making processes and protect the integrity of data. As a result, in order to manage several aspects of the workforce for better productivity, the HR software solutions include workforce forecast and scheduling, time and attendance management, task management, HR management, and other solutions, including workforce analytics. One of the biggest workforce management software trends involves easier integration and synchronization of data between different software and tools. The adoption of cloud computing in workforce management software enables various benefits, such as mobility, flexibility and security. It allows the administrator of organization access with any device and at any time.

Our goal with this edition is to feature such solution providers who are at the forefront of revolutionizing the workforce management space through their top-notch solutions. We hope this issue of the HR Tech Outlook helps you build the partnership you and your firm needs to foster technologically-driven workforce management space.

We present to you “Top 10 Workforce Management Solution Providers in Europe - 2020.”

    Top Workforce Management Solution Companies in Europe

  • A leading workforce planning and time management solution provider that is changing the way businesses calculate their employee CTC with efficient time evaluation and multi-national compliance. ManusPlus WFM Suite enables firms to determine the cost estimate for a workforce based on scheduling requirements; the solution pre-applies the compliance and time evaluation metrics necessary to stay in line with the regulatory protocols of the region. Manus Software Europe provides companies the control over multiple collective labour agreements of the many European nations with advanced features and relevant functionalities

  • Provides high-tech solutions for hard HR with regards to time and attendance, business trip calculations, and HR communication. Notably, onPoint has eight years of extensive service experience in the HR sector, and has been a trusted advisor to many companies to design and implement their HR solutions. Based on such experience of its in-house specialists, today, onPoint has developed its illustrious suite of solutions. The principle behind onPoint’s solution deck is to unburden the HR managers and help them improve their focus and concentration on the work at hand. For example, in certain situations, the only task of a HR personnel is to feed data into the automated system. Then automation eliminates any discrepancies and speeds up information flow, which is crucial to many of the onPoint clients

  • People Analytix AG

    People Analytix AG

    The company aims to use a unique database, artificial intelligence, and analytical forecasting methods to clarify and interpret the development of – and demand for – skills on the internal and external labor market. A spin-off of x28, Integration Alpha, and peopleWORKS, that use a unique database, artificial intelligence, and analytical forecasting methods to clarify and interpret the development of – and demand for – skills on the internal and external labor market.The People-Analytix Online Platform was co-created with major Swiss companies

  • BeeBole


    Provides a business intelligence tool called BeeBole Timesheet that helps to efficiently measure the time spent on projects, clients, and tasks.It was founded in 2008 by Yves Hiernaux and Michael Cvilic. It allows businesses and teams to know where their time and budget are going and it includes the option of creating configurable reports and dashboards to make informed decisions. With BeeBole Timesheet, your employees can log attendance, vacation, and leaves of absence. The company's goal is to have the easiest and most reliable web timesheet system

  • Bizimply


    Bizimply is a software platform that allows businesses to manage and engage with their workforce across multiple locations.Founded in 2011 by Norman Hewson and Gerard Forde. In 2015, Bizimply won the Web Summit Irish Start Up Award and the ESB Spark of Genius Award. In 2016, Bizimply won the Best Cloud Service to Optimise Business Performance in the Dot IE Net visionary Awards.Bizimply combines all the day-to-day management requirements of these businesses (Scheduling, HR, Clock-In Stations, Shift Reporting and more) into one, easy to use, cloud-based system

  • Calabrio


    A customer experience intelligence company that empowers organizations to enrich human interactions. Through AI-driven analytics, Calabrio uncovers customer behavior and sentiment, and derives compelling insights from the contact center. Calabrio WFM enhances the contact center suite by providing forecasting and scheduling options through a combination of world-class tools. With a strong focus on work/life balance for the agents,WFM solution helps organizations focus on providing attractive schedule options while still maintaining appropriate business targets.



    With its ISGUS software, the company provides solutions and terminals for personnel and time management with integrated modules for personnel planning , operational data acquisition and corporate security. The web based ZEUS® Time & Attendance solution can be individually combined with extremely flexible workflows and the ZEUS® modules such as Staff Planning, Access Control, Job Costing and Plant Data Collection. ZEUS® solutions including hard- and software components complement each other and are absolutely compatible

  • Papershift


    Provides employee scheduling & Time Tracking software for Planners & HR Managers.A recipient of the CyberChampions Award, Papershift is one of the leading Cloud-based applications for workforce management. It helps to track employee hours in real time by making an online shift planner that allows you to view how many hours each of your employees has in real time. This is done by clicking to switch between time intervals of hours per week and hours per month. Papershift’s automatic shift assignment function automatically fills schedule with employees, taking into account your employees’ availability for rotating shifts (e.g. -early -early -late -late -off) and the number of hours they’re supposed to be working

  • Quinx


    A Cloud-Based, Mobile-First workforce management software that rocket fuels workforce in service industries to make people and businesses to grow. Quinyx drives efficiency, engagement, and performance in large organizations. Easily integrate with HR, Payroll and other business applications to create a best-of-breed solution that optimizes business performance. With Quinx Engage, the commpany improves employee morale and engagement by enabling employees to see their schedules and time approvals, punch in and out on their smartphones, and bid or take on extra shifts. The result: giving them a say over their work-life balance

  • Verint


    Actionable Intelligence is the driving force behind the company's vision — it empowers Customer Engagement and Cyber Intelligence organizations with crucial insights and enables them to anticipate, respond, and take action. The company's solutions help organizations address two areas of the Actionable Intelligence market—Customer Engagement and Cyber Intelligence. And they do this by capturing large amounts of information from numerous data types and sources, using analytics to glean insights from the information, and leveraging the resulting intelligence to help them optimize customer engagement and make the world a safer place